Cancer is the most common cause of death in adults. Oral cancer is any malignant neoplasm which is found on lips,floor of mouth,cheek linings,gingiva,palate or in the tongue. Oral cancer is among the top three types of cancers in India. Severe alcoholism, use of tobacco like cigarettes, smokeless tobacco,betel nut chewing and HPV are the…

  • T.Saranya : Need for donation

    We earn a lot, We spend a lot and of course we save alot, And now its time to donate a little…., Donate for a cause…. Donate for a change… Kindly share and spread the message.


    – Remember that Cancer is not your end. — You have a bright future ahead of you when you have the right diagnosis at the right time and at the right place. — Reach out to us at Harshamitra —- EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIFE.

    Awareness Program at Komapuram ,Dt:25/03/2018

    Our team of reputed doctors and qualified nurses, were asked to conduct a camp at Komapuram on Uterus and breast examination. Many women utilized this camp in the right. Its high time to come out of the shell and get yourself screened.This screening could help in early detection of breast and uterus cancer. Early detection…

    Shrimathi Indira Gandhi college, Trichy:Dt:25/03/2018

    Dr. sasipriya Govindaraj, gave a very sensitizing talk which was very informative and reached the audience clearly. Hope her words would bring about a change in Women’s health needs,impact of cancer,early screening of cancer. Her talk was to the point, Women are responsible for their health and they should take care of themselves alot. Date…

    KNOW THE POWER OF WOMEN: Dt:25/03/2018

    We were given an opportunity to set a stall to create awareness on CANCER among a large mass of women who gathered at Shrimathi Indira Gandhi College,Trichy. This Programe was organized by the esteemed daily The Dhinamalar – Magalir Dhinam 2018. A large group of women of various age groups got benefited. Apart from fun…

    WE RUN…WE WALK…We SKIP Dt:08/03/2018

    WE RUN…WE WALK…We SKIP…alot, especially on this Women’s Day: One of our Managing director Dr. Sasipriya Govindaraj, despite her busy schedule, took another effort to reach to the public by initiating a rally exclusively by women conducted by PEOPLE’S DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE. Her words reached all the cadre of people. Date : 08.03.2018

    WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION on 08-03-2018

    She wanted to be a role model, She wanted to weave her life the way she wanted. Dr. Sasipriya Govindaraj was invited as a Chief guest at CARE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING on 08.03.2018 on account of WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATION. Her words kindled the flame of fire among the younger generation. She gave an inspiring talk-…

    Women’s Day Celebration

    We cant stay idle, we just keep moving around and find ways to meet the public and to spread awareness about cancer . One such even was held at VASAVI MAHAL, Trichy. Our team from Harshamitra and Rosegarden, they set up a stall to create awareness about the deadly disease cancer. They created a active…

  • Unstoppable Beast

    This documentary film is all about the impact of regular consumption of junk food causing Cancer in children. The marketing of high-calorie, low-nutrient foods and beverages is linked to overweight, cancer and various other health complications. As noted in the documentary film, children under the age 12 influence adult spending worth a staggering $700 billion…


    ​Cancer is curable when early detected. March being the month for COLORECTAL CANCER, we offer COLONOSCOPY at 50% discount of Rs 1999/- between March 15 – April 15 only. Reach out to Harshamitra Hospital, fix your appointment and get benefited.


    It is the cancer affecting the large intestine. How do I get the diagnosis? If you are above 50yrs, take a COLONOSCOPY TEST and stay relaxed.


    MARCH 15 – APRIL 15: We can use this month to raise awareness about colorectal cancer and take action towards prevention. . Talk to family, friends, and people in your community about the importance of getting screened for colorectal cancer starting at age 50. March being the month of COLORECTAL CANCER AWARENESS, Harshamitra provides COLONOSCOPY…

    TUMOUR BOARD Dt: 24.02.2018

    The only place where you can land up when you think of Cancer is HARSHAMITRA HOSPITAL, Trichy. The three gold medalists pooled up at the same place inorder to provide best diagnosis and treatment to the people who are suffering from cancer. Use this best opportunity and take extra care for your health. This tumor…

    Cancer Awareness Camp at Periyar Pharmacy in Sengippatti on 25-02-2018

    With the joint venture of Harshamitra Hospital and Rose garden trust, we conducted a cancer awareness camp at periyar pharmacy in sengippatti. Our team of doctors created an interactive camp covering the areas of – “Early detection, prevention and treatment”. No.of participants:70

    Cancer Awareness at BISHOP HEBER COLLEGE Trichy dt:23-02-2018

    Cancer awareness of cancer amoun the current generation saves our future. We takeimmense responsibility to create the spark of awareness and the need for awareness amoung the student. We conducted a camp on 23-02-2018 headed by Dr.Sasipriya Govindaraj at BISHOP HEBER COLLEGE, Trichy No.of Participants: 450

    Ignorance is Bliss on 20-02-2018

    Ignorance is bliss”, this is definitely not in the case of cancer. With the combined activity of HARSHAMITRA and ROSE GARDEN , our doctors conducted camp at ANNAI ASHRAMAM- “To create awareness of cancer, prevention, early detection and treatment options”. No.of Participants: 90


    In order to create awareness and to know the pros and cons of MENSTRUAL CUPS, We the responsible cadre of physicians inaugurated a novel product INTIMUS MENSTRUAL CUP on 18.2.2018, Trichy. Dr. SASIPRIYA GOVINDARAJAN from HARSHAMITRA HOSPITAL, Trichy was in an honorable position to deliver the impacts and advantages of menstrual cups.

    Interactive Workshop on 17-02-2018

    We, the Harshamitra team of the physicians conducted an interactive workshop on 17-02-2018, M.KUMARASAMY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, KARUR. This workshop was sponsored by ICMR and it focuses on “NUCLEAR MEDICINE FOR MEDICAL DEVICES AND EARLY STAGE CANCER CELL TRACER” Participants :70 Staff :3 Co-coordinator :Dr.K.Vijayakumar

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