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At Harshamitra Cancer Centre, Trichy, we have launched an exclusive women screening wing to test the women for uterus and breast cancers. All married women must undergo breast and uterus check up (PAP Smear ) for cervical cancer once in three years atleast as per the international cancer society recommendations. By undergoing periodical check up like this, women can detect very early signs of cancer even years before they actually cause any symptoms and prevent these cancers. In our Women Screening Wing, we have the facilities of testing the cervix and breast with latest equipments and the unique feature of our centre is that all these tests are done by lady doctors only! Our wing has only lady doctors and lady technicians. It is completely manned ( rather womanned) by ladies so that women can get the tests done without any inhibition. Our Centre is the only place in India to test the breast with three scanning  modalities (mammogram, sonogram and thermogram). Thus, we are able to detect very early and prevent cancers. Kindly pass on this message to all your friends so that all married women can make use of this faciiity. Let us create awareness among our women and make India on par with developed countries in screening. Our centre is not a hospital. It is only a screening wing which does not have a hospital atmosphere. The ambience and our staff will make you very comfortable. Just visit our wing once and enjoy a healthy cancer free life! Cancer is preventable. Screening is the key! please see the attachment for further details.

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