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My grandmother who was known for her patience, endurance and devotion towards God among us was hale and healthy. She had the stamina to walk up the Himalayan Range even in her 70s. She never shared her sickness with any of us until it became visible. Yes, she was fighting against throat cancer. It seems she had difficulty in breathing, trouble in swelling, she developed lump which was painful in her throat. She ignored her discomfort until pain started to creep into her system. Though we hail from doctor’s background in the family and could afford all the treatment, we stood helpless and dumb against the battle of cancer with my grandmother. She was totally reluctant to treatment and getting hospitalized. We tried our best to convince her, but proved to be in vain.

Meanwhile she was almost in her last stages on cancer. She wanted me to get married,which was her last wish and that happened as well. She was writhing in pain. She has trouble even in drinking liquids.She developed repeated excruciating painful lumps around her neck region. She was counting her last days,it was really hard to see her in pain. Pain killers were her actual companions but at one point that was not the condition. Drugs like tramadol and ketanov kept her moving. Yet we could not stop the cancer from spreading to other parts. She also developed renal failure subsequently and had a painful death as expected.

I wanted to focus to the society, never ignore your sickness,share with someone from your family or friends. Early detection of screening could save life. Do not have the habit of self-medication or self-assumptions if your abnormal symptoms lasts for over a week.or above. Though we had all the financial support and medical treatment options at our door-step,we could not take up any as it was already in her late stage and the reluctance of the patient’s mental health towards chemotherapy/radiation therapy. On every day I feel guilty.

— R. Shree Vaishnavi
Digital Marketing Executive

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