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பேப் ஸ்மியர் என்பது கர்ப்பப்பை கழுத்து, கர்ப்பப்பைவாய் புற்று நோயை ஆரம்பத்திலேயே கண்டறிவதற்கான பரிசோதனை. மிகச் சுலபமாக, 10 நிமிடத்தில் செய்துவிடலாம். மாத விலக்கின்போது இந்த சோதனையை செய்யக்கூடாது. ஹர்ஷமித்ரா – இலவச புற்றுநோய் தகவல் மையம் திருச்சி, தொலைபேசி : 0431-2751008, 7373731008 Web:,

World Cancer Day, February 4th, Harshamitra Super Speciality Cancer Centre & Research Institute observes: Harshamitra Cancer Quiz, Signature Campaign & “Kavignar” Nandalala Patti Mandram @ Bishop Heber Higher Sec.School, Teppakulam, Trichy, by 2pm on 4th February. All are welcome.

As World Cancer Day (February 4) is swiftly approaching, the entire medical community around the Globe single mindedly focus their attention towards Cancer; awareness and prevention in particular. Harshamitra , as a Super Speciality Cancer Centre too took a lion’s share to create a wide-spread awareness on Cancer. We sanguinely believe that to ignite the…

In an endeavors to raise cancer awareness and to highlight the importance of regular cancer check ups on Harshamitra super specialty cancer canter & research institute and rose garden trust are combined together has proposed to organized a free awareness talk camp in MAM College at Trichy. During this awareness camp more than 200 peoples…

At Harshamitra Cancer Centre, Trichy, we have launched an exclusive women screening wing to test the women for uterus and breast cancers. All married women must undergo breast and uterus check up (PAP Smear ) for cervical cancer once in three years atleast as per the international cancer society recommendations. By undergoing periodical check up…

? May 31st World NO TOBACCO DAY “Rally” by Harshamitra and Rose Garden Cancer Trust . Rally Start at  Koginur Theater, 10Am Join us for tobacco free and Cancer free state.. 

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