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Ostomy surgery  reroutes the passage of faces or urine to a surgically created opening  known as a stoma hear the stomach and a patient has to manage the condition by using specially made ostomy pouches the rest of their lives.   So an ostomate has to carry out his day-to day activities with a stoma and a plastic bag collecting the 24*7 discharge of stool ad urine.  It is certainly not a pleasant thought but more than thousands of people in India are living with this reality.  Ostomies are created for variety of reasons and can be either temporary or permanent, depending on the disease and the problems involved.  Cancer of the colon, rectum and unary bladder generally require such ostomies.

Thanks to the new year multimodal approach to cancer through tumor boards as dune is Harshamitra Cancer center and the use of  new stapling devices that have significantly reduced the ostomy surgery newdays.  But still mere are many who need min type surgery.

Ostomy surgery brings about lifestyle changes, which pose huge challenges for patients and need tremendous emotional strength to combat and adjust to the condition.  Patients are likely to experience difficulties in psychological adjustments and express concerns about how the stoma will affect their relationships and social life.  Ostomates avoid social contacts with friends and even family; they avoid their jobs, social confrontation, and limit themselves to home and hospitals.


To improve the quality of life of these ostomates, a group was farmed on 2nd October 2011 called an  “TRICHY OSTAMY Association”.  Dr.G. Govundaraj, Surgical oncologist of Hasrhamithra cancer center in the founder & Secretary of this association.  Periodical, meeting  are conducted to improve the welfare of the ostomates.

HARSHAMITRA Cancer Centre, has taken a step ahead in helping patients live a life with confidence  after  OSTOMY surgery by organizing a Stoma Camp for Ostomy patients today on 28.3.2015 in this camp free health checkup was done along with patient counseling to understand their day to day challenges in leading a life with Ostomy and provide them with required solutions and psychological support.

It is our endeavor to organize more and more of Stoma Camps and Counseling sessions as a part of our post-surgical care for the benefit of individuals living with Ostomy.

Thankfully, state-of-the-art pouches ad Moldable technology from Conva Tec for ostomy care has made life as normal as possible for patients and we thank them for their support in organizing Stoma Camp and Patient Counseling Sessions.

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