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A 58 year old man from the suburbs of Trichy, came with a growth in his left side lower jaw for about 4 months. Preliminary examination suggested that his lower jaw was affected with cancer and had gone through his gum and cheek up to upper neck. Biopsy from the growth was taken and proved to be moderately differentiated invasive squamous cell carcinoma (a kind of Cancer Cell). This patient was advised surgery which could involve removal of his jaw, tissues in the mouth and neck and subsequent plastic surgery where tissue from his chest would be taken and used to reconstruct the defect in his cheek. This surgery would result in cosmetic disfigurement and disturbance in chewing. Patient was afraid and he was seeking for other options.

At this point, he came to know of our Tumor Board in which we apply multi modal approach consisting of Surgery, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. Our Tumor Board Consultant Oncologists planned for concurrent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Thus 66 GY radiation in 33 fractions with Chemotherapy were given to the patient. On completion of treatment, three more cycles of consolidation chemotherapy was given and the patient recovered well and no residual disease was present, now the patient is leading a happy and normal life, without any cancer and at the same time the major surgery was avoided whereas no cosmetic or functional disturbance for him.

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