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A 34 year old male patient came with Cancer at left cheek with complete restriction of opening of mouth. Examinations proved that the patient was severely affected by Cancer with a massive growth with intensive ulcers engulfed with large amounts of pus and worms in the left cheek up to left neck. After  33 fractions of Radio therapy and 3 cycles of chemotherapy Cancer was well-controlled. Yet the cancer had its residual roots. The optimal treatment plan of the Tumor Board is a very difficult surgery –  a combination of

Onco Surgery and Plastic Surgery. Such difficult and unconventional surgeries are called Commando Surgery  in medical field. That the patient is to be operated for Cancer by his left cheek enrooted through left neck and deep inside his mouth. Such a massive surgery to be paddled with the patient’s chest tissues which may resulted in cosmetic disfigurations. But surgically  refolding his cheek tissues meticulously with all surgical skills is a painstaking work, yet the surgical outcome enhances good cosmetic result and normal movement of his lower jaw. Now the patient has a very good recovery and is living a normal life with not much cosmetic disfigurement. Given up rotten tissues wit worms due to cancer, patient has now, thanks to Harshamitra’s Tumor Board, a fresh leaf of life without Cancer.

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