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A male patient aged about 40years was evaluated for bleeding in the anus. Necessary tests suggested that the patient had a Cancer growth in his rectum ( an end part of large intestine ending in the anus, which stores digestive waste until ready for defecation) with massive ulcers in the surrounding walls of rectum, 5-6 cm from the anus. Pathology reports and MRI scan showed that the patient had cancer in the rectum and some surrounding tissues and lymph nodes. Patient suffered a lot with unbearable pain and can not defecate or urinate, his normal life became a standstill and  was exposed to a threat to his life. He was advised a Surgery to remove the affedcted parts and wuld have a colostomy(an artificial opening made in the abdomen to pass motion which will be passed continueously and collected in a bag). To save and conserve the rectum and anus, our Tumor Board planned a pre-operative Radio and Chemotherapy. So the patient underwent 50Gy RT  and was reassessed for surgery. After this chemo+radiotherapy, MRI Scan showed disappearance of the growth and the disease was well-controlled, hence planned for surgery. A laparoscopic surgery in the abdomen  had been done and the patient had a very successful surgical outcome. Post operative pathology reports showed a no residual cancer at all! All the cancer cells had been killed. The patient now is living a normal and comfortable life, without the need for a permanent colostomy bag. He is passing motion normally and is cured of cancer.

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