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A 49 years Old Lady, Mother Of 2 Children Hailing From A Middle Class Family At Manapparai Was Diagnosed With Ovary Cancer And Underwent Surgery On 13/10/2012.After Surgery Patient Was Given 6Cycle Of Chemotherapy From November 2012 To February 2013.She Tolerated Chemotherapy Very Well And Post treatment CT-Scan Did Not Show Any Disease. Her Cancer Marker CA-125 Was Normal. She Is Now Cured Of Her Cancer And Is Disease Free For The Past 2 Years And Is On Regular Follow Up…


  • I Am Really Happy To Say Now “Free From Disease”…
  • Thanks To Harshamitra Super Speciality Hospital At Trichy.
  • I Thank God for Showing a Perfect Hospital For Correct Treatment…
  • Cancer Has Been Such A Death Sentence For So Many People For So Long.Just To Have Hope Is Such A Big Thing.
  • Cancer Could Be Cured in Starting stages.

We At HARSHAMITRA Have Great Optimism And Data Showing That Patients With Really Advanced And Previously Untreatable Cancers Have Been Treated And Good Quality Of Life.

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