2019-06-21 12:18 - 12:18

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that evolved over thousands of years to embrace a wide range of styles and disciplines, aims to transform human body and mind. It is a science that is designed to cultivate health and happiness, a greater sense of awareness and higher consciousness. So, Yoga is an ascetic discipline which is practiced for good health and relaxation. There are several types of yoga. They all aim to help you relax by using breathing exercises, different body postures and relaxation technique.


There is no scientific evidence to prove that yoga can cure or prevent any type of cancer. But some studies suggest that it might help people with cancer cope with symptoms and side effects.

In March 2010 a review of studies into yoga for patients with cancer was published. It included 10 trials.

It found that yoga could help to reduce anxiety, depression, tiredness (fatigue) and stress for some patients. And it improved the quality of sleep, mood and spiritual well being for some people.

With all these scientific reasons and validated study, it is highly required to maintain proper health and hygiene throughout our life time. Inculcating a proper diet and physical activities or yoga on a routine basis helps to maintain a quality life.

Stay fit…..And Stay Healthy…!