Tumor Board treatment – Get the worldclass treament!

2019-10-05 11:39 - 11:39

Incase of cancer, the combined treatment includes Radiation therapy, Surgery and Chemotherapy. The combination of these three treatments shows better positive results. Physicians who are expertized in these field consults a single patients on this particular day at Harshamitra.
This proves ;

1. Time consuming : Instead of waiting to consult 3 different Doctors individually, here we wait once but to consult all 3 Doctors at the same time. It saves time.

2. Consultation Fees is very minimal

3. Combined treatment provides better cure and comfort

Our panel of highly dedicated Physicians consult a patient, their combined treatment helps in patient’s betterment. Tumor board was held on 05.10.2019 (Ssaturday)

For more details & to fix your appointment with our Tumor Board Doctors:

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