2019-06-15 12:51 - 12:51

Yea…! being healthy is the most important wealth that one can have throughout his/her lifetime. The best asset that we earned will be a good health in general.

Get a chance to give your daughter a gift of good health after her wedding too. Yes! you are right, there are vaccines to prevent HPV infections that is more predominant in women which transmits from men during intercourse. The HPV virus causes Cervix cancer and is deadly. It is a silent killer, it means you can see its symptoms only after years of the disease onset and by the time, we would have missed its curative phase.This vaccine is painless and comes in 3 dosages.

Get this attactive offer of Rs 500/- on each dose only on JUNE 15th and 16th at DUM DUM DUM WEDDING EXPO, Trichy.

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