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Dear Doctor,

Greeting from Harshamitra Super Speciality Cancer Centre & Research Institute. We thank you for your continued support.

As you are aware, March Month is the Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. The incidence of colorectal cancer is increasing in India nowadays due to the change in food habits and life style. Moreover, our patients ignore the warning signs of bleeding per rectum assuming it to be piles and take all sorts of local treatment.

But the most important factor is that colorectal cancers are easily preventable. These cancers always start as a benign polyp and take about 5-10 years before they turn malignant. Removal of colorectal polyp actually prevents cancers.

The only way to detect these polyps and remove them is through colonoscopy.

Hence the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society guidelines recommend colonoscopy for all people above the age of 50yrs at an interval of 10years.

10 years once a colonoscopy can prevent colorectal cancers ! sounds so simple.

To promote this concept and to benefit the people, we at Harshamitra have launched a screening campaign for colorectal cancers this month.

During this month (upto March 31`st) we have reduced the cost of colonoscopy by 50% (from 3000Rs to Only  1500Rs) for those above 50yrs of age.

Kindly extend this benefit to your patients / their relatives.

Promote the concept of screening colonoscopy !

Prevent the Colorectal Cancer and be happy !

Join Hands with us to fight Cancers….

Harshamitra Super Specialty Cancer Centre & Research Institute

                                       to Conquer Cancer…

 By Managing Director”Dr.G.Govindaraj M.s.,M.Ch”

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