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*Liver Cancer- Information*

*Types of liver cancer*

🔷Primary or metastatic. Primary tumours originate in the liver itself
🔷Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common type of primary liver cancer

*Metastatic*, or secondary, liver tumours have spread to the liver from a cancer elsewhere in the body. Because one of the liver’s main functions is to filter blood, cancer cells from other parts of the body may become lodged in the liver and become tumours. The most common type of metastatic liver tumours are those caused by colon cancer that has spread to the liver.

*Primary liver cancer*, or hepatocellular carcinoma, is the most common type of cancer originating in the liver itself. (Most tumours in the liver do not originate there; they start elsewhere in the body and spread, or metastasize, to the liver.). Worldwide, hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common solid organ tumour. This is believed to be due to widespread viral hepatitis infection, a known risk factor for primary liver cancer.

Most primary liver cancers originate in the liver’s parenchymal cells, the cells that perform most of the organ’s blood-filtering functions. Other rarer forms of primary liver cancer include peripheral cholangiocarcinoma (tumours in the sections of the bile ducts that are within the liver), sarcomas and angiosarcomas (cancer in the connective tissue of the liver), hemangioendotheliomas (tumours that arise in the blood vessels of the liver), and hepatoblastomas (a highly curable form of liver cancer most often found in children).

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