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55 years old female,a mother of3 children came from Manapparai today with complaints of passing motion mixed with blood for the last 3 months. She had a cancerous growth in the rectum extending to the anal canal and it was just 1 cm from the anal verge.

She has to undergo surgery to remove her entire rectum along with the anus and for the rest of her life; she cannot pass motion via the natural route. An artificial opening will be created on her abdomen called colostomy and motion will be continuously coming out through this opening. She cannot control it. Hence a bag will be fixed near the colostomy and motion will collect in the bag and she has to empty it now and then.

On hearing this option, the entire family was upset. How did this cancer occur all of a sudden? She was perfectly alright till 3 months back!

Cancers of the large intestine and rectum do not occur all of a sudden. This cancer would have arisen from a simple harmless swelling called polyp. This polyp would have started about 10 years back. If only this lady had undergone a colonoscopy, which is an endoscopy to actually see what is inside the anus, rectum and large intestine, we could have easily detected this polyp and removed it through endoscopy itself without any surgery! This would have prevented this cancer many years back!

The whole family was shocked to hear this and they were not even aware of anything called colonoscopy leave alone getting it done. Such a pathetic situation prevails throughout our country even among the educated people. How many of us know that cancers of the large intestine and motion pathway can be prevented through colonoscopy? How many of us know that anyone above the age of 50 years must undergo a colonoscopy to screen their large intestine for polyps or cancers once in 10 years? How many of us have passed on this message to our family members and have advised them to take up these tests?

Well, let us start now! Pass this message to all. Colonoscopy after the age of 50 years of age will prevent a deadly cancer. Learn about colonoscopy now. Get it done immediately. For details contact HarshamitraSuperspeciality Cancer Centre and Research Institute, Trichy. Phone: 7373731008/ 7373731007/7502742777/7402742777.

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