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Patient Name: Mrs. Chandra

Every patient is unique and we treat them depending on their physical and mental wellness. Mrs. Chandra was detected with OVARIAN CANCER. She walked in to us along with her husband at the last stage of cancer. To be crisp, she was almost at her terminal stages of life. They were loosing their hopes, our team of doctors rendered her all the medical and mental support. Her husband was ready to pledge all that he could to save his wife. She was treated with surgery and Chemotherapy medicines. She used to get admitted once in a month and get her Chemotherapy cycles done. She was getting better both physically and mentally after our treatment. She survived for over 2-3 years with all the medical care and suppory from our team of doctors. During one of her last few admissions in the hospital,her husband wanted to discharge from the hospital even before the completion of of Chemotherapy cycle and insisted that she wanted to get back to the home. After a soothing conversation with Mrs. Chandra, I came to know that they had some financial issues for the stay and medication. I always firmly believe that, everybody has the right to get needed medication at the right time. I personally feel that financial crisis should always not be a barrier in one’s life. I asked her to stay without any hospital charges from their end.

She completed that cycle of Chemotherapy and went home.Subsequent Chemotherapy cycles were given at free of cost and she was getting better. After a few months she passed away despite all our efforts and as expected from the terminal stage of her illness. After a few months during the annual season of mangoes, our hospital received a box full of mangoes from her husband witha note of thanks. This shows the gratitude towards the little help that we offered during the last stages of life. This was her last wish, said her husband.This is the fourth consecutive year we are receiving the token of gratitude.

I am really fortunate to help people suffering from cancer and to give all the moral support that I could do to their family. This one act of kindness gives me a complete picture of what humanism is. Compared to the poor man’s attitude in showing the gratitude,whatever help we did becomes negligible. But the dedication and the affection that we show towards our patients remains sustained. These incidents gives us the moral boost to continue our service with the sense of humanity over anything else.

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