Travel increases your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. You can get COVID-19 during your travels. You may feel well and not have any symptoms, but you can still spread COVID-19 to others. You and your travel companions (including children) may spread…


    Cancer treatment at affordable cost at Trichy – Harshamitra Superspeciality Cancer Centre. Our tumor board mode of treatment makes it comfortable for the patients to get a consolidated treatment from our group of Oncologists (Surgeon, Radiation Oncologist, Medical Oncologist). It saves the time of patients. Saves money. There will be no delay in the treatment….


    An opportunity to receive support and experience mental growth during the challenging cancer treatment times of one’s life. For more support on your treatment options or to discuss about your financial involvement during the treatment, Call : 737373 1008 / 737373 1007.

    Harshamitra cancer centre KNOW CANCER, NO CANCER

    In view of ‘Pink October – World Breast Cancer Awareness Month’, Harshamitra Super Speciality Cancer Centre offers Sonogram, Mammogram and Thermogram screening which costs about Rs. 5000 is now for Rs.2500 ONLY. This 50% discount is during this October Month only. These tests could detect the presence of breast cancer at early stages. And, at…

  • Harshamitra cancer centre KNOW CANCER, NO CANCER

    Organic Scraps can be composted (decomposed) into rich soil full of nutrients. Scraps can be used as soil fertilizer and to give plants a boost of vital nutrients. We thank our staff for their valuable co-operation. It is high time to save our environment by using eco-friendly products. We thank all our frontline workers who…

  • Harshamitra cancer centre KNOW CANCER, NO CANCER

    As a part of breast cancer awareness, Harshamitra Superspeciality Cancer Centre along with Rosegarden trust has lit up the Rockfort in pink. We thank the public and media for recognizing our social work. We also so thank the officials who have granted us the permission! Thanks for joining the campaign for a social cause!