An Unstoppable Beast:

This documentary film is all about the impact of regular consumption of junk food causing Cancer in children. The marketing of high-calorie, low-nutrient foods and beverages is linked to overweight, cancer and various other health complications. As noted in the documentary film, children under the age 12 influence adult spending worth a staggering $700 billion a year, which equates to the combined economy of 115 of the world’s poorest countries. Kids are quite literally being deceived into destroying their health potential by junk food companies seeking revenue. And there’s nothing “accidental” about rising childhood obesity rates when you take deceptive marketing into account. Marketing to children has turned into a full-blown science in its own right. Captivating children’s attention with superheroes and other cartoon characters, using freebie toys to entice them, even ensuring the checkout aisles at grocery stores are stocked with candy bars within a toddler’s reach – all intentional marketing towards children.

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