There are few things more alarming than battling cancer. One is not having the money for its treatment. Given the recent spike in incidence of cancer and its treatment costs, this could soon be a reality than mere speculation. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), nearly 10 lakh new cases are reported in India every year.

More disturbingly, nearly 5 lakh people die annually of cancer, and WHO expects the number to increase every year. “The costs have gone up due to more expensive infrastructure, new technology-based investigation costs and newer drugs,”

To combat all these difficulties and stress faced, Harshamitra along with Rosegarden has introduced a novel concept of FREE CANCER TREATMENT, this scheme includes, Surgery, Radiation therapy and Chemotherpy. Our main motto is to create a cancer free zone and money should not be a barrier to ones’s life.

To know more about Free Cancer Treatment and to enroll under this scheme;
Call: 737373 1008, 7373621777.

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