The ‘Youth Red Cross Unit’ and the ‘Core Group’ of National College organized a Cancer Awareness Program in association with Harshamitra Super Speciality Cancer Centre, Tiruchirapalli on 3rd October 2019 at the College Auditorium. Dr. G. Govindaraj, Surgical Oncologist of Harshamitra graced the occasion by delivering his speech emphasizing on the need and significance of the awareness on cancer among the students and the teaching community.

He motivated the students and staff to stay healthy and shared his views on Cancer and its prevention. The participants were educated with the signs and symptoms of different types of cancer. Through video presentations, he rolled out statistics to prove the alarming increase of cancer cases in recent years. He stated that major cause of cancer is changes in lifestyle, especially the use of tobacco.

Tobacco is the only consumer product which kills half of its users and the tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats that the world has ever faced, he added. The audience were sensitized with video presentations which included interviews and testimonials of the cancer patients before their death. They briefed the painful treatment process like surgery which is often followed by radiation to melt the malignant lumps. He advised the students to be conservative, follow a healthy life style and explained on the measures to be taken to protect themselves from the dreadful disease.

He further stated that the Harshamitra is ready to volunteer for Free Continuous Counselling Program for the students to quit the use of tobacco / smoking addition. Earlier, Dr.Vasanthan, Asst. Prof of English and Co-Ordinator of the Core Group of National College, welcomed the gathering, Dr. Sundararaman, Principal, felicitated the event and Dr. Akilashri, Vice-Principal (UAP), National College proposed the vote of thanks. Dr.Sibi Chakravarty of Harshamitra was also present at the event.

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