Since the time of Hippocrates, doctors have dedicated their lives to serving humanity and providing medical care to all those in need. As a surgeon, saving a patient from a life threatening condition is an amazing feeling. The impact we can have on someone’s life is immeasurable. The ability to heal and inspire people to live their lives to the highest potential.

The world will always need doctors; this will never change. No matter how much technology advances or the rapid development of new therapies, physicians are the foundation of healthcare. Regardless of the state of the economy or the current job market, the role of the physician is paramount to the health of the community. Recent statistics clearly demonstrate that there will be a shortage of doctors in the future— combine that with an aging population and you have not only job security, but a true demand for doctors.

Being a physician gives us the feeling of joining a life-long club with other like-minded individuals and professionals. We have the ability to make lifelong friends at your workplace, hospital, and during medical school/residency/fellowship training programs. Medicine is truly a dynamic profession; there are constantly new therapies being created, advancement of our surgical techniques and instrumentation, and progression of our current understanding of the human body. Even as a private practice physician, I am still motivated to advance my field by being involved in research as a principal investigator in clinical trials and learning/applying new innovative technologies.

As doctors, we are able to garner an inherent amount of respect from patients and staff solely based on our occupation as a physician. However, we are also granted the opportunity to build upon that initial trust.

We wish all the physicians a Happy Doctors Day. May your service bring smiles to many faces.

Harshamitra wishes a Happy Doctors Day, 2019!

– Dr G Govindaraj MBBS,M.S,M.Ch,F.I.C.S.,
Dr P Sasipriya Govindaraj MBBS,DMRT,MD (RT).,

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