As healthcare workers, Medical Physicists as well as many others were in the frontline in dealing with COVID-19 patients and they also deserve recognition and appreciation for their efforts. Many countries still don’t recognize medical physicists as healthcare professionals, hoping that this year’s theme is expected to bring awareness and shed light on the importance of our profession in the healthcare field and that the medical physicist is an essential key element not only to help in diagnosis and treatment of many diseases but also to ensure radiation safety for patients, professionals, and staff.
-Ibrahim Duhaini
IOMP Treasurer
IDMP Coordinator.
On behalf of Harshamitra, we extend our warm wishes and gratitude to our team of Medical Physicists, who have been very efficient beyond words and flawless in all aspects. They have proven them-self by being a pillar of great support to our Harshamitra’s Radiation Unit, Nagamangalam.
– Management, Harshamitra Superspeciality Cancer Centre, Woraiyur, Trichy.

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