Its time to stop forwarding false informations:
All these three methods help in preventing cancer. Which means, they can kill the cancer cells when they form and be in single digit number. But not after they are diagnosed. We diagnose cancer only when the cells reach one billion in number. That’s when the tumour becomes detectable. Even worse is they cause symptoms when they cross trillion. By the time, the above three methods cannot work. So this type of treatment will not be effective for those who have already been diagnosed with cancer. In fact it will misguide them and prevent them from taking the correct treatment.
These methods will definitely benefit the healthy people. All healthy people get cancer cells formed in their body every day.
But our immunity kills these cells and prevent the cancer developing.

These methods described just help that. We have to understand the correct meaning. This is what is meant by killing the cancer cells without drugs.

Definitely these methods are not enough to cure cancer once they become clinically detected or cause symptoms. They need treatment with either surgery or chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Along with these three modalities, the immune boosters really help in speedy recovery.

Immune boosters are necessary for normal persons. They are necessary but not sufficient for the cancer patients.

Try all these methods when you are healthy. Because all of us are cancer patients in that sense. We all develop cancer cells in our body every day.

But don’t believe that these immune boosters will cure your cancer once you are diagnosed with cancer. You have to take the advice of an oncologist.

Please forward this message to the group from which you got this message.

Because such messages actually misguide the people. Even though the information is right, it has to be understood in the right sense.

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