Low Dose Radio Therapy #Clinical Trial Phase II
Dear Doctors,
The covid cases are rising. Covid wards are getting filled again. Death rate is also increasing. We have no new drugs yet.
Emory University, USA has successfully used Low Dose Radiotherapy as an immunomodulator to prevent Cytokine storm in 40 patients. They have now entered phase III of the trial. This modality is helpful to reduce the death rates in COVID.
Please consider this treatment for your COVID patients. Harshamitra cancer center, Trichy is the only institute conducting phase II trial in India for COVID using this low dose radiotherapy.
Ideal patients are the ones who have their PaO2/FiO2 < 94%. Any COVID patient with hypoxia and who is having comorbities and likely to deteriorate are the ideal ones for this modality of treatment. Kindly consider this treatment and try to save lives during this second wave. It is only a single.dose of 0.5 Gy. This dose is too negligible for any side effects or second malignancies. So, kindly consider this option to save lives. You can send your patient in a dedicated ambulance with oxygen supply and a paramedic to our center. We will delver the treatment within 15 minutes and refer the patient back to your center. We have oxygen facility during treatment. Our trial has been approved by ICMR and is registered in CTRI. We have treated 10 cases so far and have shown 80% success rate. We are currently recruiting cases. Contact: 7373542777 7373733330 7373731008 For further details. -- Thanks and Regards, Harshamitra Super Speciality Cancer Centre Trichy . Phone : 7373621777, 7373731008 Email : harshamitramarketing@gmail.com

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