Who is a cancer caregiver?
Caregiver is the person who most often helps the person with cancer and is not paid to do so. Professional care providers are paid to give care. They tend to have more limited roles, and are not discussed in detail here.

Caregivers may be partners, family members, or close friends. Most often, they’re not trained for the caregiver job.

Caregivers have many roles. These roles change as the patient’s needs change during and after cancer treatment. Today a lot of cancer care is done in outpatient treatment centers and doctors’ offices. This means that sicker people are being cared for at home.

As a caregiver, we have a huge influence – both positive and negative – on how the cancer patient deals with their illness. Our encouragement can help the patient stick with a demanding treatment plan and take other steps to get well, like eating healthy meals or getting enough rest.

To know more about how to takecare of cancer patients:

Call: Harshamitra Superspeciality Cancer Centre, trichy

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