She is a warrior…..a successful warrior, who battled against the deadly beast – The Cancer. Despite all the odds around her, she stood strong enough in this crutial part of her life and faced the situation. We extend our thanks to all the donors who have helped her financially to get the Chemoport which would eventually support her to get successive Chemotherapy.

A very special thanks to Ms. Anitha Sathiyam, Documentary Photographer, who remains as a complete source of moral support to the victim and her family and also to pool in maximum funds. On behalf of Harshamitra and Rosegarden we thank our donors for helping her give a life.

Being rich is common,

To donate is great…. Donate to save lives and family,

Be the reason to create smiles.

“It is more difficult to give money away intelligently than to earn it in the first place”, your donations are in right hands and it saves lives.

We thank all the volunteers, donors and our team of doctors for bringing this in real.

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