Cancer is a dreadful disease and its incidence has been rising by the day. According to the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, around 785,000 people died of cancer in India in 2018. The cost of treatment runs into lakhs and more often than not becomes a constraint in the fight against the disease. A recent study we did with oncologists shows that nearly 50 per cent of the patients are not insured and are paying for the treatment from their own pockets.

Life insurance companies are offering plans that will pay a lump sum on detection of cancer. The payout depends on the stage of the disease. Some health insurance companies have launched cancer plans that provide for the cost of hospitalisation and treatment. But these plans may have sub-limits (regarding what is covered and what isn’t). Also, if you are not pursuing the treatment at a network hospital, you will have to pay the bills first and then apply for reimbursement from the insurance company.

But with this novel FREE CANCER TREATMENT of Harshamitra, one could get all the benefits that cannot be covered by other Insurance schemes.

Key features of Harshamitra’s Free Cancer treatment scheme:

This is not a insurance card
All cancer treatments required are free of cost*
Pay just Rs 1000/- and get started – save lakhs of money
You can gift it to your loved ones

We are doing this as a service through out trust Rosegarden with the motto of creating a cancer free zone and to provide cancer treatment affordable even for the people who can not afford the whooping cost of the treatment.

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*Conditions Apply

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