Globally, researchers are making good progress in gaining remarkable insights into this complex disease. Across the spectrum of cancer care, from prevention and early detection to treatment of late-stage disease, there are encouraging developments.
Apart from current treatments, including immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, there are promising new possibilities that will change the way we deal with cancer in the future. Targeted therapies, for instance, are looking at targeting the cancer-causing genetic changes in tumors – no matter where the cancer develops in the body – to combat the disease. Genetic tests are expected to help decide which treatments a patient’s tumor is most likely to respond to.
Harshamitra Superspecialit Cancer Centre, has got all the updated medical technologies and an experienced panel of Doctors to render quality medical care to their patients at a very affordable cost with world class standards.
We have a wide range of Health Insurance schemes, including CM Health Insurance Scheme.
We also welcome Medical Tourism.
For more details : Conatct : 737373 1008 / 737373 1007.

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