This Child who is 9 years old was diagnosed as suffering from Sioloblastoma (a low-grade salivary gland neoplasm that recapitulates primitive salivary gland anlage. It has previously been referred to as congenital basal cell adenoma, embryoma, or basaloid adenocarcinoma).

It is a very rare type of cancer reported so far in the whole world, with less than 100 cases reported world wide. It was a very challenging case for our team of Oncologists.

The child had underwent various treatments/alternative medicines, elsewhere which remained vain. The parents of the child did not loose their hopes and reached out to us when the child was completely unable to walk and is dependent on wheelchair( as the cancer was spread to her spine too)

We took up this case and our Tumor Board panel of Oncologists framed a treatment plan for the child and now, the child is able to stand and walk on her own without any support.

The smile on the child’s face, the will power of the parents and the right treatment plan framed by our team of Radiation Oncologist, Medical Oncologist and Surgical Oncologist gave a complete positive change over in the child’s life.

Our Doctors and Paramedics at Harshamitra recently celebrated the child’s birthday. We admire the child for her endurance to fight against the deadly cancer.


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