we being the Doctors, one of the most prestigious profession are overwhelmed to serve the public with our knowledge and experience on this special day – The Doctors Day

Dr G Govindaraj and hos wife Dr P Sasipriya Govindaraj was invited to preside the Doctors Day function organized by Lions Club, Musiri on 30.06.2019. We brought into limelight the need for cancer awareness to both men and women.

Out motto is to create a better and quality environment with a cancer free lives. Being Doctors, we take this as a initial step in spreading awareness to the public. We thank the President of Lions Club, Musiri for giving us this opportunity.

Let the vision of awareness spread across…..

For more details on cancer symptoms/treatment/ Insurance policies/free cancer treatment: Contact: 737373 1008

For more details on Vaccination and camps:
Contact: 7373621777

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