Many cancer patients receive one or several radiother

apy treatments throughout the course of their disease. Adjuvant radiotherapy reduces the risk of local recurrence and increases overall survival. Palliative radiotherapy is indicated to treat metastases that produce local symptoms or are expected to do so during the lifespan of the patient. Symptom relief is not only achieved by reduction of tumor size. Radiotherapy also has an anti-inflammatory, anti-secretory, anti-edematous, and analgesic effect, even at low doses. Radiotherapy is efficient, safe, has few side effects and is cost-effective.

The combined effect of Chemotherapy and radiation works well in the treatment of cancer. In this particular case. the patient had Osteosarcoma in his left humerus with lung metastasis. He was treated with Chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It showed a good positive response, the size of the tumor reduced significantly.

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