This October, Doctors…..stay tuned to raise your voices against breast cancer.

Most people love to hear some soothing music while travelling or even while relaxing in their own space. Even music heard from a distant place or in the neighborhood often makes our ears sharp or makes us feel like tapping our feet….

Being a Doctor cum Singer and also a musician is a great combo and we believe that it has great healing power.

If you are a Physician and also a Singer or a Musician or both, then this is a great opportunity for you. The stage will be yours….for a cause – LETS RAISE OUR VOICE AGAINST BREAST CANCER. Raising your melodious voices and tunes for a social betterment is a great deal.

Let us not hold back….let our voices please someones heart and soul. We being Doctors,not only heal pain and wounds..we also soothe your pressure with our tones and tunes.

Lets sing together for a cause and spread awareness on breast cancer this October…

For more details on Doctor’s Orchestra:
Contact : 7373631777.

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