Precancerous cervical cell changes and early cancers of the cervix generally do not cause symptoms. For this reason, regular screening through Pap and HPV tests can help catch precancerous cell changes early and prevent the development of cervical cancer.

Possible symptoms of more advanced disease may include abnormal or irregular vaginal bleeding, pain during sex, or vaginal discharge.

Notify your healthcare provider if you experience any of these symptoms:

Abnormal bleeding, such as
Bleeding between regular menstrual periods
Bleeding after sexual intercourse
Bleeding after douching
Bleeding after a pelvic exam
Bleeding after menopause
Pelvic pain not related to your menstrual cycle
Heavy or unusual discharge that may be watery, thick, and possibly have a foul odor
Increased urinary frequency
Pain during urination
These symptoms could also be signs of other health problems, not related to cervical cancer.

Take up routine cancer tests like PAP Smear and get vaccinated to prevent yourself against Cervix cancer,

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