When we enter medical school, you have this very esteemed white coat ceremony. It’s a memorable occasion, where speakers tell newbie medical students and their families all that it means to wear such a coat: the responsibility, the ethical code, the professionalism, the compassion all intertwined to make up the very fabric of each emblemed cape.

It was heartening to attend the marriage of one our Patient’s son today. Proud to see how the medical service that we have rendered as a profession has a major impact on the family. The happiness seen on the family’s face gives us more encouragement and responsibility to serve the society with the medical knowledge that we have acquired. Such functions are the real pleasures in an oncologist’s busy life. The disease seldom gives such celebrations in the affected families. In spite of the odds against cancer, this is a real life proof that cancer treatment can cure patients and make their families smile.

– Dr G Govindaraj

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