It is a general thought that 1st and 2nd stage of cancers are curable whereas 3rd and 4th stages cannot be cured and painful death is the only result. This is a false myth. Every disease condition varies from and individual to individual, depending on how their body responds to treatment. We took up a very challenging case of cancer in hypopharynx.

He was not able to chew or eat normally. He experienced excruciating pain and discomfort. He reached out for treatment almost in his stage III of cancer. We suggested Radiation therapy could be suitable for this case and started with the same.

After repeated sessions of Radiation by RapidArc at Harshamitra Cancer Centre, we were able to see that the visible mass started to degenerate in size gradually. He did not experience any side – effects like skin darkening or hair line thining.

Tracheostomy was removed and now the patient is able to eat and drink in normal ways without any artificial intervention/support. There is a general myth circulation among the public that cancer cannot be cured ans is always lethal. We have seen many patients who are leading a normal life who were once bed ridden due to cancer.

It all lies in how soon you get diagnosed and how you are being treated without any delay. People who reach out to us need not wait for their radiation therapy, they get treated without any delay. Early treatment and effective treatment saves life.

Do not believe in myths…

– Dr P Sasipriya Govindaraj (Radiation Oncologist)

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