Trichy’s most famous icon turned pink as part of a push for breast cancer awareness. October is breast cancer awareness month, and Harshamitra Cancer Center and Research Institute did their part to raise massive awareness by lighting the ROCKFORT in pink throughout this month.

Lighting up the Rockfort in pink was “more than a symbol – it’s a sign of victory over this illness”. Indeed, breast cancer is the deadliest cancer for women in India but early diagnosis by routine screening saves life. Every year, breast cancer kills more than 500,000 women around the world. A majority of women with breast cancer are diagnosed at an advanced stage of disease, resulting in low survival rates.

In a global effort to raise awareness on breast cancer, October has been designated as Pink month by WHO (World Health Organisation ) with efforts to educate those concerned about the disease, including early identification and signs and symptoms associated with breast cancer so that they self-examine themselves once a month for any early signs, to visit their doctor regularly, and to get mammography periodically – highlighting that 90% of early stage breast cancers are curable, often with treatments that conserve the breast.

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