In general, consulting a specialist takes a lot of waiting period, but, here at Harshamitra, we have been following the widely accepted mode of treatment – Trimodal treatment for more than a decade.

Yes, Specialists in Surgery, Chemotherapy specialist and Radiation Oncologists together consults a single patient at the same time. Your disease condition is discussed in a panel and a combined treatment plan will be designed.

This mode of treatment saves your precious time and money. It has proven in many cases that this combined treatment increases the chance of cure of cancer.

Do not slip off this option at Trichy. Dr G Govindaraj (Surgical Oncologist), Dr P Sasipriya Govindaraj ( Radiation Oncologist), Dr Senthil (Medicinal Oncologist), Dr Manikandan (Surgical Oncologist) comprises the Tumor Board panel at Harshamitra.

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