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Mrs. A walked in to our hospital with her husband loosing all the bit of hopes that she had. She was 39 years old who had an itchy lump on her breast since last year (May 2017). She had a surgical removal of lump from her breast last year elsewhere. She felt relieved for sometime feeling that her discomfort has ceased. But fate had different plans, the condition reoccurred. She had small lump again on her breast at the operated site. The lump started to enlarge in size. She and her husband were terrified by the recurrence of her condition. Her tests showed that tumor is likely to be cancer. Doctors suggested removal of breast since it was cancer. Hence she came for a second opinion.

We started to look into the reports with research perspective. With that notch, we were able to conclude that the lump is non-cancerous based on clinical,radiology and repeat biopsy. So,she underwent surgical removal of lump alone and it was sent for frozen section. A special technique where the pathology report comes during surgery itself when the patient is under anesthesia so that surgery can be converted to a cancer surgery if needed.

But luckily as we predicted, it was reported as non- cancerous.Hence the removal of breast was avoided. She was back to normal in no time and discharged. The patient and her family are completely satisfied and happy now. The trust that they had on us was the prime tool that made us look at the case in research perspective and to draw a stern diagnostic conclusion. When you have the trust on someone,it adds up the responsibility of that person and the result is definitely fruitful. It always brings happiness and peace to the concerned person and their surroundings. In this particular case where a diagnosis of cancer had been made and the patient was adviced to undergo whole breast removal as done for cancer.

We could avoid the disfiguring, traumatic surgery by proper clinical correlation. The message is that whenever you have a doubt have a second opinion particularly from an oncologist at a reputed Oncology centre. We at Harshamitra have a tumor board conferring three oncologists.Our decision seldom goes wrong.You can take the opinion of our tumor board and proceed at your own convenient place too. But visit us whenever you doubt cancer.

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