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September 22nd is known as Rose Day and is dedicated to those battling cancer all over the world.This Day is in memory of a 12 year old – Melinda Rose of Canada, who when diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer, did not give up hope. In the remaining six months of her life, she made each day meaningful, touched the lives of those around her in a positive, unforgettable way. Through emails, poems and letters, she made sure that she brought joy, right up to the last minute. Let us remember Melinda today and celebrate the unquenchable human spirit. If you feel the way we do, share this message with as many people as you can.

Harshamitra, as a Super Specialty Cancer Centre celebrates Rose Day on September 22nd of every year for the past five years. A lot of our own survivors have cheerfully participated and encouraged the patients suffering at present. Such a never-to-be-forgot occasion is a compassionate ceremony that Harshamitra is very proud of.
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