Rosegarden is established as one of the largest  Non-Profit Organization in Tiruchirappalli providing preventive and palliative services exclusively for cancer. Rosegarden focuses on providing comprehensive and dedicated medical care in the area of Oncology.

Who We Are

Great social movements in the history of mankind are the products of the powerful sentiments of an individual. Rose Garden is one such example. This is a hospice, an housepital for patients suffering from cancer.   This housepital had its seed from the heart of Dr.G.Govindaraj; M.Ch (Master of Chirurgery).It was the seed of sorrow over the death of his father.

Bereaved over the death of his father due to throat Cancer, Dr.G.Govindaraj decided to quit his erstwhile roaring medical practice to pursue higher studies in Surgical Oncology. His devotion made him win the Gold Medal in M.Ch (Surgical Oncology). The grim determination of the family to fight against cancer is followed suit by his wife, Dr.Pon Sasipriya also, who took up her higher studies in Radiation Oncology. And she too proved her mettle by winning the Gold Medal in her faculty.

The young couple determined to dedicate their lives in cancer research and treatment in a meaningful way. Hence after working in leading cancer centres like Madras Medical College, Government Royapettah Hospital, Government Arignar Anna Memorial Cancer Hospital, Kanchipuram and Adyar Cancer Institute, they founded Rose Garden at Trichy on 17th March 2008.

What We Do

Generally, the fight against cancer is in 3-Dimension,

  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Palliation

The treatment aspect is being taken care almost by all hospital. But, hardly any one concentrates on its Prevention and Palliation elements.

Hence Rosegarden was launched to take care of the prevention and palliative aspects of cancer, where the TERMINAL CARE is TOTALLY FREE.

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