Habits die hard, but it is lot easier with us to quit smoking. Yes, our carefully designed Tobacco Cessation Clinic; first of its kind whereas de-addiction centres are often popular, but the Harshamitra Cancer Centre’s Tobacco Cessation Clinic is a stand-alone edifice; comprised of psychologists, physicians and social thinkers & councillors, past smokers etc. to counsel you mentally and physically in a medically proven methodology. Thus you can completely renovate your mind and body from the clutches of nicotine. The Tests/Check-ups formulated as :

  • Oral & ENT Check-up
  • Counselling
  • Tests :
  • Urine Nicotine
  • Blood Tests
  • X-Ray
  • Carbon Monoxide Breath Analyser.
  • Behavioural Treatment
  • Medical Treatment
  • Nicotine Replacement Treatment

Hundreds of People have successfully quit tobacco through our Services.