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In today’s world, new infections and diseases can spread across the country and even across the world in matter of days or even hours, making the screeing process a little critical. We had a patient who was suffering from hypopharynx cancer withy neck node. He had difficulty in breathing for the past three months. Breathing is something that has to go spontaneous and non-tiring. I could understand his pain, though I could not gather the right words from him as he had difficulty in breathing, he couldn’t speak out with ease. we have a weekly tumor board of three specialized doctors, who are experienced and are gold medalists in Oncology and can ensure proper treatment to our patients. He was consulted by our tumor board doctors and asked to undergo feeding jejunostomy and tracheostomy, followed by Chemotherapy and radiation cycles. As suggested he underwent the same and had 33 radiation session and 6 cycles of Chemotherapy. This showed a good positive response. He was further asked for three more cycles of chemotherapy. He got completely cured of cancer an d is under regular follow-up. He is disease free since 2 years. He had no re-occurrence of disease till date.

This patient is one breakthrough, he got the complete positive essence of our tumor board . He got the combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to cure his illness. This tumor board is held on every Saturdays of second and fourth week of a month. All the three doctors who are experienced in surgery,radiotherapy and chemotherapy gather in a place to give combined treatment for the patients at a lowest cost that one could never even imagine. It not only saves the cost, cancer is curable,treatable when diagnosed by the right team of doctors at the right time.

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