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As World Cancer Day (February 4) is swiftly approaching, the entire medical community around the Globe single mindedly focus their attention towards Cancer; awareness and prevention in particular. Harshamitra , as a Super Speciality Cancer Centre too took a lion’s share to create a wide-spread awareness on Cancer. We sanguinely believe that to ignite the young minds – School and College Students – who are indeed persuasive and impressive to transform the entire community’s outlook on Cancer. Henceforth, Harshamitra to initiate such a noble task, devised a State level Inter-School and Inter-Collegiate Medical Quiz Programme , and about 100 schools and colleges in Trichy and other neighboring Districts have registered themselves for the Programme. Harshamitra appeals all Educational Institutions to participate in this novel programme and we, hand in hand, can create a Cancer-free State.

Please look for the Programme schedule and updates on our web-site.

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